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Gold Reusable Coffee Filters

Don't throw any more of your money away on disposable filters: permanent coffee filters are easy to use and easy to clean. For the best taste and sleek look, try non-reactive gold plated coffee filters. Because gold is a non-reactive material, coffee filters plated in gold or coated with gold foil allow you to get the most taste out of your coffee. Reusable coffee filters will save you extra trips to the grocery store, and they'll keep unnecessary paper out of the landfills.

Finely-coated foil filters prevent sediment from your brew from passing into your drink, but keep the flavorful and aromatic liquids moving, for the best possible taste. The filters and infusers presented here are beautifully engineered for long-lasting service, whether you're drinking coffee or tea in the morning. Treat yourself to a luxurious warm cup every morning, without a trip to the coffee house!

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Easy Clean Tea Infuser, stainless steel, medium, 3" H Tea Stick, stainless steel,  6.25" L