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Insulated Thermal Carafes

We offer a carafe for every occasion: insulated carafes designed to slip into your briefcase without endangering important paperwork, elegant and polished thermal carafes for table service, and coffee carafes that will keep your drinks hot and delicious throughout the day.

Our insulated thermal carafes serve as both beautiful serving pieces and thermal coffee carafes for the coffee-lover on the go. There are several features that allow our carafes to keep your drinks insulated, warm and make it easy to pour and clean up. The Quick-Tip™ Self Sealing Lid makes it easy to open pour and close the insulated carafe with only one hand. The drip free spout lid is manufactured with a sturdy seal that prevents liquid from flowing through the lids. You can buy all our coffee carafes with confidence knowing we provided 100% quality assurance.

Don't sacrifice form for function--these thermal carafes perform beautifully, and will look just as stunning on your dining room table!

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"Monte" Travel Bottle, 16 fl. oz.
Our Price: 24.95

Insulated Travel Bottle
"Monte" Travel Bottle, 25 fl. oz.
Our Price: 29.95

Insulated Travel Bottle
Auberge Quick-Tip™ , Mega chrome, 51 fl. oz.
Our Price: 84.95

Thermal Carafe
Auberge Quick-Tip™ , Midi chrome, 22 fl. oz.
Our Price: 69.95

Thermal Carafe
Auberge Quick-Tip™ , Mini chrome, 12 fl. oz.
Our Price: 59.95

Thermal Carafe
Auberge Quick-Tip™, Maxi chrome, 34 fl. oz.
Our Price: 74.95

Thermal Carafe
Auberge Quick-Tip™, Maxi white, 34 fl. oz.
Our Price: 32.95

Thermal Carafe
Auberge Quick-Tip™, Mega white, 51 fl. oz.
Our Price: 37.95

Thermal Carafe
Auberge Quick-Tip™, Midi white, 22 fl. oz.
Our Price: 30.95

Thermal Carafe
Auberge Quick-Tip™, Mini white, 12 fl. oz.
Our Price: 28.95

Thermal Carafe