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Cilio Kitchen Accessories

When shopping for cookware and kitchenware, form can be just as important to you as function. At Frieling, it is our mission to ensure you never have to choose one over the other. We partner with brands of distinction to provide you with the highest quality kitchen goods. One partner is Cilio. Founded in the German town of Solingen, Cilio is well known for its high-quality serving and bar accessories. Their emphasis on combining timeless design and functionality means Cilio kitchen accessories will look and work great in your kitchen.

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Chocolate Fondue "Toscana" Stirring spoon, 11.8"
Chocolate Fondue
Our Price: $44.95
"Toscana" Cooking spoon, 9.8" "Toscana" Cooking spoon, 11.8"
"Toscana" Turner", 11.8" "Toscana" Turner, perforated, 11.8"
"Toscana" Turner", 11.8"
Our Price: $12.95
"Toscana" Turner, 11.8" "Toscana" Honey spoon, 6.3"
"Toscana" Turner, 11.8"
Our Price: $17.95
Wine Sealer Champagne Sealer
Wine Sealer
Our Price: $13.95
Champagne Sealer
Our Price: $13.95
Table Crumb Remover Cilio by Frieling, Goliath Natural Granite Mortar and Pestle Set, 5in Tall, Gray
Table Crumb Remover
Our Price: $29.95
Mortar & Pestle "Giant", 5" H, Granite Mortar & Pestle "Prosecco", 2" H, Marble
Mortar & Pestle "Champagne", 4" H, Marble Knife set "Piave", 4 pcs.
Knife set "Piave", 4 pcs.
Our Price: $49.95
"Piccante" Chili mill, 2.75"D x 6"H Spice Mill "Bari", Pepper, stainless steel, 5.5" H, 2" dia.
Spice Mill "Bari", Salt, stainless steel, 5.5" H, 2" dia. Citrus Press, Silver Matte
Citrus Press, Silver Matte
Our Price: $219.95

Coffee lovers know how important it is to brew the perfect cup of coffee, and Cilio wants to be sure you have the right tools to brew your way with the Mariella and Perfetto French presses. Looking to brew in smaller batches? Cilio's selection of porcelain filter holders will allow you to brew individual cups by hand.

The full range of Cilio accessories can be helpful both in the kitchen and out. Do you enjoy a cup of fresh orange juice? With Cilio's citrus press, enjoy a fresh cup of juice, while using your glass straws. Do your part to help the environment by having glass straws on hand at home and when you dine out. We carry both curved and straight straw sets, and each set of four includes a cleaning brush so you know you are always getting the best flavor from your beverages. Whether you are looking to stay cool in the kitchen or at the park, Cilio's handheld fans are perfect for adults and children.

No matter what products you are looking for, our selection of Cilio accessories is sure to improve your life both inside and out of the kitchen. If you have questions about any of our products, please feel free to reach out to us.