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Durgol Cleaning Solutions

Since the beginning, Düring AG set out to create products that are highly effective and environmentally friendly. Their Durgol cleaners are the result of continuous development to ensure a high-quality result for your kitchen or bathroom. We are proud to be the American partner for this exceptional brand.

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durgol swiss espresso 2 bottles Durgol Swiss espresso 1.64 gallon
Durgol Express Universal, 16.9 fl. oz. durgol swiss steamer bottle
durgol swiss espresso 4 bottles durgol express universal 2 bottles
durgol universal descaler bottle durgol universal descaler bottle
durgol espresso machine cleaning tablets

A trusted choice for a range of uses, Durgol descalers decalcify espresso machines and other kitchen appliances. They decalcify hard to clean internal mechanisms of appliances and rinse away easily leaving behind no residue or aftertaste. Unlike other cleaners using harsh formulas, it is safe to eat or drink anything prepared on your freshly cleaned machine with these cleaners. Best of all, Durgol cleans any kind of coffee or espresso maker from any manufacturer for added ease. A whole single-use bottle cleans out the machine, improving the taste of the coffee and helping the machine work more efficiently.

We offer a complete lineup of their most popular formulas to cover all your cleaning needs. Shop a range of options for descalers from this trusted brand. Regular use of decalcifiers prolongs the lifespan of the machine and ensures the right taste is achieved. The Durgol steamer cleaner works in an almost identical manner. Like espresso machines, food steamers can become clogged with regular use. The Swiss Steamer ensures that food is always prepared safely and consistently.

This intrepid brand also manufactures cleaning solutions for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The brand's Universal cleaner replaces all general household cleaning sprays and offers a safe cleaning solution for a range of areas. Whether you are looking to descale your coffee machine or something for a fresh clean in areas such as the bathroom or kitchen, this is a brand of cleaners you can count on for your home.

If you have any questions, please contact us today. We will gladly assist you in finding the right solution for your needs.