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Montana Glassware

Having the right glassware for your events will improve everyone's enjoyment of their drinks while also leaving a great impression on guests. Frieling is here to ensure you have access to all the right glassware for any event. Browse our selection of Montana: glassware to find a selection of champagne flutes, red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and Bordeaux glasses.

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Montana Quotan Glass Stemware | :pure Collection | White Wine Glass, 8.4 fl. oz., set of 6 Montana Quotan Glass Stemware | :pure Collection | Bordeaux Glass, 21.3 fl. oz., set of 6
Montana :pure White Wine Glass, 8.4 fl. oz., 6 pcs
Montana Bordeaux Glass, 21.3 fl. oz., set of 6

Each type of wine needs its own glass to enjoy the wine to the fullest. Red wine glasses feature a wider, rounder bowl that increases the rate of oxidation. Our selection of Bordeaux glasses is great for wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, as the glass will direct the wine to the back of the mouth to allow you to enjoy the flavor profile properly. White wine glasses frequently feature a smaller mouth to reduce the rate of oxidation. Champagne glasses have a long stem with a narrow bowl to appreciate the champagne longer. Each wine glass is designed to be held by the stem to prevent your hand from warming the beverage.

Montana: is dedicated to bringing you the best glassware for your home. Each of their stemware sets feature six glasses so you can have enough glasses to serve all your guests. Their line of Quotan glasses are extra durable, making them break and scratch resistant. Their added durability makes them dishwasher safe, so you do not have to worry about handwashing all your glasses when your guests leave. The :pure line of glassware from Montana: is designed to make a statement yet blend seamlessly with other styles when needed.

No matter which set of Montana: glassware you choose, be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions. It is our goal to bring you the highest quality glassware and ensure your experience is as seamless and stress-free as possible.