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Spiritii Collection Glasses

Serve your friends, family, or guests in unquestionable style with Italian designed glassware that will surely be a hit. Whether your preferred evening drink is a martini, old fashioned, or a tumbler of whiskey neat, this stunning collection will serve your every cocktail need.

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Leonardo Spiritii Single Old Fashioned Glass, Set of 4 Leonardo Spiritii Double Old Fashioned/Rock Glass, set of 4
Leonardo Spiritii Highball Glass, Set of 4 Leonardo Spiritii Champagne Flute Glass, Set of 6
Leonardo Spiritii Champagne Flute Glass, Set of 6
Our Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $39.95
Leonardo Spiritii Red Wine Glass, Set of 6 Spiritii Snack Dispenser
Spiritii Snack Dispenser
Our Price: $22.95

The Spiritii glasses created by the award-winning Leonardo Glass company comes from a long line of family tradition. Conveying the Italian sense of life as well as sophistication in alluring and master glass craftsmanship the Spiritii collection is the perfect addition to any home. You know that first and foremost, the shape of your drink glass matters. Spiritii glassware has been uniquely engineered to enhance the flavor and aroma so that you or your guests can enjoy their chosen drinks in a heightened manner.

When mixing and creating your own cocktails for yourself or loved ones, you want to be able to make a drink that everyone will enjoy. Spiritii glasses will give you greater enjoyment of every single sip. Spiritii's highball glasses with their delicate, vertical sides will allow you to experience heightened flavors of citrus-infused drinks, your martini will be able to breathe beautifully while the Spiritii's long glass stem will help it stay chilled in our classic martini glasses.

With Spiritii glasses, your evening wine with or after dinner will never taste better. Specifically designed wine glasses for red and white, the curvature preserves your wine's favorite aroma while maintaining a cooler temperature and holding in the delicate, subtle aromas that make good wine truly become the divine. To take your taste of champagne into another level, Spiritii's champagne flute glasses will retain the carbonation, letting you or guests prolong the enjoyment of greater mouthfeel and enhancing flavors. Not only do Spiritii glasses make flavors come alive, but they are truly gorgeous pieces of glassware that will no doubt add a classic touch to your drink cabinet or tray.

When you need the right elements for your home gatherings and family events, be sure to shop Frieling for our vast selection of Spiritii glasses. If you have any questions about this enchanting glassware collection or any of our products, feel free to reach out to us. We're happy to help.