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Woll Cookware Collection

Four decades ago, a master chef found himself frustrated by the design of cookware he currently used. He dreamed of a better, lighter, higher quality frying pan that could change the cooking world. That chef, Norbert Woll, started his journey by selling his cookware in 1973 and founded Woll in 1979 to begin realizing his dream.

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Titanium NOWO, Wok w/ Lid, 12.5" dia. Concept , Stock pot w/ Lid & silicone insert, 5.25 qt.,  11" dia.
Diamond Lite  Induction,  Stockpot w/ Lid 7.9 qt., 11" dia. Woll Diamond Lite Crepe Pan
Diamond Lite, Saute Pan w/ Lid 2.6 qt.,  9 1/2" dia. Glass lid, round w/ vented knob, 12 1/2" dia.
Concept  Silicone Insert, 9 1/2" dia. Diamond Lite Pro, Induction Stockpot w/ Lid 5.25 qt., 9.5" dia.
Diamond Lite Pro, Casserole w/ Lid 5.8 qt., 11" dia. Diamond Lite Pro, Crepe Pan, 10.25" diameter

Woll cookware pushed the boundaries with its innovative and original aluminum permanent mold casting technique in 1983, and that technique became so beloved and trusted that 35+ years later it is still used in making Woll's frying pans, pots, casserole pans, woks, and crepe pans that are so very unique and adored by chefs of all skill levels all over the world. Woll cookware is considered to be professional grade and is a must-have for the aspiring chef in their home kitchen or on the job.

At Frieling, we only partner with the top-tier kitchen solutions found on the market today, which is why we are proud to offer this extensive, versatile collection of Woll cookware.Woll, making all of its pans in Germany, represents the latest in diamond reinforced nonstick coated cookware. The special collection of Diamond LITE features extraordinary strong cookware that is easy to handle with several choices in utility, sizes, and glass lids. This nonstick cookware line is oven proof for up to 500F. No matter what sort of cooking stove you are working with, induction, gas, electric, ceramic, coil, even inside the oven itself, you can find a pan that fits your needs. All are safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

With proper use and care, Woll cookware can last you a lifetime of preparing succulent delights or delicious desserts during your culinary adventures. Woll cookware outperforms when it comes to heat distribution and diamond nonstick technology. If you have any questions about our Woll cookware here at Frieling, feel free to contact us at any time. It would be our pleasure to find a solution to any of your kitchen needs.