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EMSA Containers, Insulated Servers, Thermal Carafes & Plastic Kitchenware

EMSA provides a great selection of useful and trendy items for coffee and tea. Serve coffee and tea with quality, elegant stainless steel thermal carafes. These thermal carafes make it easy to keep coffee and tea warm without having to place it in old out of date and bulky containers. For serving water and other cold drinks, EMSA FLOW and other plastic pitchers are perfect.

One of the tricky parts of making a meal is deciding what to do with the leftovers. While we can't tell you what to do with that half of a turkey you just roasted, we feature a range of great Emsa food storage containers to keep them safe. Emsa food storage containers are made of durable, high-quality plastic, free of the dangerous chemicals some other brands use, making them a great choice for any food storage needs.

Variety is important when it comes to food storage, and that's something Emsa is great for. We feature a range of Emsa containers to hold foods of every shape and size, from soups to steaks and everything in between. All of Emsa's products are competitively priced, and built to the same standards we demand of all our manufactured goods. Try Emsa food storage containers out, including top-notch thermal carafes in addition to storage containers. We at Frieling think you'll agree, they're the best to be found anywhere.

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Soft Grip, black, 51 fl. oz.
Soft Grip, black, 51 fl. oz.
Our Price: $79.95

Soft Grip, black, 51 fl. oz.