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Durgol decalcifies espresso machines and other kitchen appliances. They decalcify the internal mechanisms of the appliances and rinse away to leave no residue. It is not harmful to eat or drink anything prepared on a freshly cleaned machine. Durgol Swiss Espresso cleans any kind of coffee or espresso maker. A whole single-use bottle cleans out the machine, improving the taste of the coffee and helping the machine work more efficiently. Regular use of Durgol decalcifiers prolongs the lifespan of the machine. The Durgol steamer cleaner works in an almost identical manner. Like espresso machines, food steamers can become clogged with regular use. Durgol Swiss Steamer ensures that food is always prepared safely and consistently.

Durgol also manufactures cleaning solutions for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The brand's Express Universal cleaner replaces all general household cleaning sprays.

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Durgol Express® Universal, 16.9 fl. oz.
Our Price: $14.95

Durgol swiss espresso®, 1 box with 2 x 4.2 fl. oz.
Our Price: $15.95

Durgol swiss steamer®, 16.9 fl. oz.
Our Price: $29.95